Labia and Clitoral Hooding Refinement


In order to improve aesthetic appearance and create clitoral hooding, Dr. Christine McGinn, D.O. preforms labiaplasty for transgendered patients. This service is offered for patients who have had surgery with other surgeons as well as previous patients of Dr. McGinn who wish to refine the more delicate components of the vulva, such as the labia minora and clitoral hood. For many transgender patients, this step is not necessary and is therefore considered optional.

A labiaplasty procedure can also be performed on women to improve any birth asymmetries or the effects of aging and childbirth.

Labiaplasty is an out-patient procedure.


Papillon Center requires all patients to not smoke for one month prior to any surgery. Additionally, labiaplasty may only be performed after three months have passed since a vaginoplasty procedure. After labiaplasty, the patient will be required to stay in the Doylestown area for at least two days. It is also required that body mass index (BMI) be less then 28.

Initial Consultation

A consultation is required to setup a surgery date. It is preferable that it takes place in person in our office, however Papillon Center will make accommodations for individuals on a case by case basis.

The procedure is outlined, including risks, complications, and possible outcomes. Dr. McGinn will go over past surgical results, including pictures, as well as expectations and limitations. It is important to be honest and ask questions about subjects that you do not understand.

More Information

To schedule an appointment or request more in-depth information, please Contact Papillon Center.