Gender Confirmation Surgery

Male-to-Female and Female-to-Male Surgery

Notice: Adult Content

The Gender Confirmation Surgery pages contain pictures that are not work safe and are considered 'adult' in nature. By continuing you acknowledge that you understand the pictures will be of pre and post-op genitals.

Letters for Surgery

Papillon Center follows the World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH) guidelines for transgender surgery. For major transgender surgery, letters of recommendation are required by Papillon Center before the operation. These letters can be from: psychologists, therapists, psychiatrists, sexologists or counselors that have been in regular contact with you. On-going therapy and support is preferable both before and after surgery.

Papillon Center can assist you acquiring these letters, please visit our Counseling section for access to our selection of local counselers.
Please see Therapy Letter Requirements for an in-depth overview of surgery recommendation letter requirements.

Penile inversion with dorsal nerving sparing. Includes before and after pictures.
Urethral Extension Metoidioplasty
Ring Flap Metoidioplasty.
Subcutaneous Mastectomy
Double Incision, Concentric Circular, Semi-circular and Keyhole methods. Includes before and after pictures.
Bilateral Orchiectomy for the removal of testicles.
Urethral Fistula Repair
Repair for fistula resulting from urethral lengthening.
Other FtM
Metoidioplasty, Urethral Extension, Testicle Implants, Scrotoplasty,
Insensate Phalloplasty.
Tracheal Shave; "Adams Apple" Reduction in MtF patients.