Mental Health Professionals experienced with Transgender Issues


Papillon Center offers counseling services as part of its full spectrum care for transgender issues. Dr. Michele Angello and Dr. Maureen Osborne are both excellent people to talk to about transgender issues with and can help individuals through family issues, transition, and surgery. Both women have been working with gender-variant patients for quite some time and understand the immense feelings of loneliness and stress that being transgender creates.

Letters for Surgery

Papillon Center follows the World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH) guidelines for transgender surgery. For major transgender surgery letters of recommendation are required by Papillon Center before the operation. These letters can be from: psychologists, therapists, psychiatrists, sexologists or counselors that have been in regular contact with you. On-going therapy and support is preferable both before and after surgery.

Dr. Michele Angello, Ph.D
Clinical Sexologist. Offices based out of Papillon Center
and Paoli, PA.
Dr. Maureen Osborne, Ph.D
Clinical Psychologist. Offices based out of Malvern, PA.